Google Sync to Outlook is no longer available

Google recently pulled the plug on its Outlook calendar sync utility, so what is the alternative? Here is a suggestion on how to sync your Google and Outlook calendars.

Some people prefer to use Google Calendar, but others like to have their email, contacts and calendar in Microsoft Outlook. If you’re reading this, you probably use both, and need a way to keep them in sync.

Google provided a utility to sync both Outlook and Google calendars, and an appointment that was added to one system would automatically appear in another. This is no longer the case, because Google closed down the service on 1st August 2014, causing much anguish for the people that relied on it. Here are a few solutions.

More information on this can be found at:


The Solution that I have found and appear to work for is “Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google Calendar (Free Software)

And this can be located at movie We Are Your Friends 2015


Another Plus with this program is that there were no additional programs that you had to decline or “Not accept” to get Calendar-Sync

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