Micro MD: Upcoming Webinars Automate Your Practice with Micro MD E-Services

OMS and Micro MD would like to invite you to their upcoming webinars.
Automate Your Practice with MicroMD eSERVICES:
This webinar is intended to provide information on the host of integrated MicroMD eSERVICES that can assist users in boosting financial profitability and clinical efficiency, quality and safety. MicroMD now integrates with many new products and services, allowing your practice to automate routine tasks to improve efficiency, boost profitability and help you work smarter.

This webinar will not only showcase all of the new eSERVICES products and services offered for the clinical side of your practice but also the administrative side, including HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data backup, integrated in and outbound faxing, device integration, connecting to State Immunization Registries, eSignature capture, Patient Portal, OCR card scanners that populate insurance numbers automatically, while capturing the insurance card image, electronic statement delivery, integrated credit card processing with point-of-care and online patient payments autoposted directly into MicroMD PM, integrated collections, custom reports and financial analysis dashboard tools, as well as several new appointment reminder services.

Learn how investing in your PM or EMR by adding these optional tools can save your practice money through automation and efficiency improvements.
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Practice Insight (Bundles 1 and 2): MicroMD Preferred Clearinghouse:
Learn how Practice Insight can help reduce claim follow up time by 30-50%, track entire claim history from submission to payment and regain control with powerful analysis and workflow tools. The heart of EDIinsight® is its ability to manage claims for fewer errors, easier tracking and faster payments. Far more than just a clearinghouse, EDIinsight® includes a built-in task manager that allows users to work more efficiently and better manage collections. EDIinsight® Eligibility Manager displays all eligibility requests and corresponding responses. Join us for a demo of this functionality and more!
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Practice Insight (Bundles 3 and 4): MicroMD Preferred Clearinghouse:
EDIinsight® provides everything you need for complete revenue cycle management within your office. Practice Insight understands how important “clean claims” are to your cash flow. That’s why we designed EDIinsight® to correct as many potential problems as possible before a claim goes out the first time. Our custom edits and payer-specific edits, combined phentermine with powerful clinical claim scrubbing, has shown to help practices increase collections and speed up payment times. EDIinsight®’s ERA Manager simplifies all the tasks associated with receiving electronic remittances: assigning payments to the correct claim, working denials, printing EOBs, analyzing payment data, and more. Join us for a demo of this advanced functionality.
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MedBank Media: Online Marketing to obtain more patients and communicate with your community
Join Medbank for a 30-minute webinar that demonstrates how to create an effective web presence and be found more easily online by new and existing patients. This session is for practices who either have an existing website or are new to online marketing and are also interested in learning about ‘Search Engine Optimization.’


As an EXTRA BONUS, webinar attendees will receive a SPECIAL OFFER from Medbank Media!


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We know you have a choice and we thank you for partnering with OMS!

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