Practice Insight: Become 100% Electronic in receiving remittances

  1. OMS and Practice Insight would like to invite to a webinar on September 16, 2014 on using their ERA and optional lockbox service to become 100% electronic.  The webinar will be held on September 15, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CDT. To register for the webinar click .



    Experience the capabilities of our 100% ERA & optional Lockbox service. The primary objective of this webinar will be to explain in detail how this service will save on time & costs.


    100% ERA

    • The EOB to ERA service scans your paper EOB’s and creates 835s to deliver and attach to the claim in Practice Insight eliminating multiple data sets, opening mail and manual posting as well as stacks of historical paper EOBs in your office.
    • Working remits is one EASY process/workflow.
    • Analytics can be run across all remittances.
    • Your office is paper free and contributing to a Green environment.


    • Classifies and tags both financial and
      non-financial data elements that can be posted to a provider’s Practice Management system.
    • Providers can eliminate the manual processing of financial transactions, while both automating reconciliation and accelerating their deposits.


    Additional Benefits

    • Original images – auto converts all original EOB images received into 835s.
    • Deposit Reports
    • Exception Reports

    Our web page can be found .


    We know you have a choice and we thank you for partnering with OMS!


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