Practice Insight: Medicare 835/Remit Delay Update – 9/26/2014

We have been notified by Practice Insight that the Medicare 835/Remit delays are ongoing. Practice Insight has let us know that until the problem is corrected, that the daily ERA files will not be delivered. Once the issue has been corrected, the 835/Remit files will be re-created and delivered by the MACs. The information received from Practice Insight is below:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Practice Insight has been notified by several Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) that some 835/Remit files are still delayed due to an issue with the Part B claims processing system beginning on September 15, 2014.

Please be aware that until the problem is corrected, the daily ERA files affected will not be delivered.

Once the issue has been corrected, the 835/Remit files will be re-created and delivered by the MACs.

An update will be provided once we are notified that the issue has been resolved and all delayed 835/Remits have been delivered.

Payers affected (include but not limited to):

  • Medicare Connecticut                   payer id MBCT2/13102
  • Medicare Illinois                          payer id MBIL2/06102
  • Medicare Maine                           payer id MBME2/14112
  • Medicare Massachusetts               payer id MBMA2/14212
  • Medicare Minnesota                     payer id MBMN2/06202
  • Medicare New Hampshire             payer id MBNH2/14312
  • Medicare New York                      payer id MBNY2/13202
  • Medicare Rhode Island                 payer id MBRI2/14412
  • Medicare Vermont                       payer id MBVT2/14512
  • Medicare Wisconsin                      payer id MBWI2/06302
  • Medicare Florida                          payer id MBFL2/09102
  • Medicare Arkansas                      payer id MBAR2/07102
  • Medicare Colorado                       payer id MBCO2/04112
  • Medicare Delaware                      payer id MBDE2/12102
  • Medicare DC                               payer id MBDC2/12202
  • Medicare Louisiana                      payer id MBLA2/07202
  • Medicare Mississippi                     payer id MBMS2/07302
  • Medicare New Jersey                   payer id MBNJ2/12402
  • Medicare New Mexico                  payer id MBNM2/04212
  • Medicare Oklahoma                     payer id MBOK2/04312
  • Medicare Pennsylvania                 payer id MBPA2/12502
  • Medicare Texas                          payer id MBTX2/04412

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