Practice Insight: Medicare 835/Remit Delay Update – 9/29/14

Practice Insight has advised us that Medicare 835/Remit Delay has been resolved and that the current ERA’s are being delivered.  Attached is the email received from Practice Insight:

Practice Insight have confirmed that the issue has been resolved and current ERAs are being delivered.

The impacted ERAs between 09/15/14 and 09/25/14 are being corrected by the MACs to be delivered. This process may take some time for all the ERAs to be re-created and delivered by the MACs.

A final update will be sent once all ERAs for this time period have been processed and delivered.

Payers affected (include but not limited to):

  • Medicare Connecticut                   payer id MBCT2/13102
  • Medicare Illinois                          payer id MBIL2/06102
  • Medicare Maine                           payer id MBME2/14112
  • Medicare Massachusetts               payer id MBMA2/14212
  • Medicare Minnesota                     payer id MBMN2/06202
  • Medicare New Hampshire             payer id MBNH2/14312
  • Medicare New York                      payer id MBNY2/13202
  • Medicare Rhode Island                 payer id MBRI2/14412
  • Medicare Vermont                       payer id MBVT2/14512
  • Medicare Wisconsin                      payer id MBWI2/06302
  • Medicare Florida                          payer id MBFL2/09102
  • Medicare Arkansas                      payer id MBAR2/07102
  • Medicare Colorado                       payer id MBCO2/04112
  • Medicare Delaware                      payer id MBDE2/12102
  • Medicare DC                               payer id MBDC2/12202
  • Medicare Louisiana                      payer id MBLA2/07202
  • Medicare Mississippi                     payer id MBMS2/07302
  • Medicare New Jersey                   payer id MBNJ2/12402
  • Medicare New Mexico                  payer id MBNM2/04212
  • Medicare Oklahoma                     payer id MBOK2/04312
  • Medicare Pennsylvania                 payer id MBPA2/12502
  • Medicare Texas                          payer id MBTX2/04412

As always, the OMS web page can be found here.

We know you have a choice and we thank you for partnering with OMS!

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