Practice Insight: Medicare 835/Remit files update from last week

We have received an update to the Medicare 835/Remit files delay that occurred last week from Practice Insight.

Update on the Medicare ERA delays from last week:

  • Medicare FL (payer id: MBFL2/09102) 835/Remit files from last week continue to be delayed. The current ETA is this week.
  • Novitas Medicare payers continue to have last week’s 835/Remit files delayed. We have been notified that the 835/Remit file for September 22, 2014, is also delayed. Currently there is no ETA on when these 835/Remit files will be available.
  • RESOLVED: Noridian Medicare payers 835/Remit files were received last week.

Practice Insight will download and process the 835/Remit files as soon as they become available.

As always, the OMS web page can be found .

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