Medical Answering Service Plus Secure Messaging



MEDXCOM: Medical Answering Service Plus Secure Messaging

In 2010, three doctors got together to discuss how to create a better way to manage communications with patients securely.  A way for doctors to communicate the way the rest of the world does but in a HIPAA compliant way.  They also wanted to make sure that they protected themselves from frivolous law suits as well as have the patient’s medical history available to them when they needed it most- at the time of patient contact.  The result was MedXCom’s Medical Answering Service Plus Secure Messaging solution.


– An automated medical answering service that was less expensive than live operators (Typically Half the cost of a live operator)
– A system which recorded all the telephone conversations

– A system which presented the patients’ medical history to the provider before they take the call
– A system where doctors and patients could securely message each other (yet change your status to unavailable at any time)
– A system where doctors can also secure message other doctors or office staff about patients’ PHI
– A system created by doctors for doctors and other providers which allows the provider to take control of the entire system from their smart phones
– HIPAA Compliant – Let us be your Business Associate. Liability Protection. All calls can be recorded and archived with encryption
– Secure Messaging – Allows users to communicate with patients and doctors securely. Free Physician and Patient Apps
– Receive a voice message before taking the call or text alert that there is an urgent message

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